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Esfahan is served by the Isfahan International Airport which handles domestic flights to Iranian cities and international flights, mostly to regional destinations across Middle East and central Asia including Dubai and Damascus.

Metro and Inter City Public Transportation

Esfahan Metro is under construction and will include 2 lines with 43 km length . The first line of that is planned to be finished by end of 2010 with 21 km length and 20 stations. Until that time expanded bus system with Taxis are handing Isfahan inter city public transportation.


Esfahan is connected to three major rail lines: Esfahan-Tehran, Esfahan-Shiraz (Recently opened), Esfahan-Yazd and through this recent one to Bandar Abbas and Zahedan .

Road transport

Esfahan's internal highway network is currently under heavy expansion which began during last decade. It's lengthy construction is due to concerns of possible destruction of valuable historical buildings. Outside the city, Esfahan is connected by modern highways to Tehran which spans a distance of nearly 400 km (248.55 mi) to North and to Shiraz at about 200 km (124.27 mi) to the south. The highways also service satellite cities surrounding the metropolitan area.



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