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  Famous People 

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  • Jalal al din Taj Esfahani,1903–, famous vocalist of classical music of Iran
  • Hasan Kasaie,1928, distinguished ney player (ney is a musical instrument used in Iran's classical music)
  • Jalil Shahnaz, 1921, notable Tar player of Iran
  • Freydoon Rassouli, famous artist and Founder of Fusionart movement
  • Master Ahmad Archang famous artist and designer of Isfahan rug patterns
  • Alireza Eftekhari, 1956–, is a famous singer in Iran
  • Mohammad Esfahani, popular music
  • Hoshmand Aghili, 1945–, popular and classical music
Actors and movie directors
  • Reza Arhamsadr, 1923–2008, a famous father of Persian comic cinema and theater, popular actor
  • Nosratolah Vahdat,1925, a famous & popular actor
  • Mohamad Ali Keshvarz, محمدعلی کشاورز 1930,-, a famous & popular actor
  • Kiumars Poorahmad, 1949–, a famous & popular director
  • Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari, 1956–2001, former princess of Iran also an actress
  • Sumbat Der Kiureghian, 1913–1999, سمبات دِر كيوُرغيان, the best Isfahanian Armenian painter
  • Hossein Mosaverolmolki,1889–1969, حسين مصورالملكي, notable painter and miniaturist
  • Yervand Nahapetian, 1917–, يرواند نهاپطيان, Isfahanian Armenian painter
  • Freydoon Rassouli, An American painter born and raised in Isfahan
  • Ostad Javad Rostamshirazi, 1919–, Isfahanian painter
  • Mahmoud Farshchian, 1930–, distinguished miniaturist
Political figures
  • Mohammad-Ali Foroughi, a politician and Prime Minister of Iran in World war II era
  • Shapour Bakhtiar, Ex Prime Minister of Iran
  • Hossein Fatemi, 1919–1954, PhD, politician (Foreign Minister of Dr M.Mosadegh Cabinet)
  • Ahmad Amir-Ahmadi, 1906–1965, military leader and cabinet minister of Iran
  • Hossein Kharrazi, chief of army in the Iran & Iraq war
  • Mohsen Nourbakhsh, 1948–2003, economist, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran
  • Nusrat Bhutto, Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party from 1979–1983, wife of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and mother of Benazir Bhutto.
Religious figures
  • Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri Najafabadi,آیت الله حسینعلی منتظری نجف آبادی, Born in 1922 and died in December 19, 2009, a prominent Iranian scholar, Islamic theologian, democracy advocate, writer and human rights activist, a Grand Marja (religious authority) of Shi'ite Islam
  • Ayatollah Yousef Sanei,یوسف صانعی, Born in Isfahan in 1937, He is an Iranian scholar, renowned theologian and Islamic philosopher. He is known as a senior reformist cleric and a Grand Marja of Shia Islam.
  • Salman the Persian
  • Allamah al-Majlisi, 1616–1698, Safavid cleric, Sheikh ul-Islam in Isfahan
  • Ayatollah Rahim Arbab, 1847–?, cleric, Ayatollah-al-ozma rank
  • Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, 1928–1981, cleric, Chairman of the Council of Revolution of Iran
  • Mahmoud Yavari, محمود یاوری, Born in 1939, Former Player of Shahine Esfahan and Iran National Team from 1958 until 1970, The Former Coach of Iran National Team and is known as an oldest and the most Active Coach in 2010 Persian Gulf League and Football Federation, He was also retired of Iran Police Department as a Colonel degree, amir ghalenouie calls him as Father of Football of Iran
  • Abdolali Changiz, football star and Famous Player of Perspolis Fc in 1970s
  • Mansour Ebrahimzadeh, Former Player of Sepahan in 1970s and 1980s, He have been Coach of Zobahan FC since 2007
  • Rasoul Korbekandi, Famous Goalkeeper in Iran National Team, current coach of Rah Ahan FC
  • Moharram Navidkia, Captain of the Sepahan Football Club
  • Ehsan Hajsafi, youth phenomenon of the Sepahan Football Club
Writers and poets
  • Mohammad-Ali Jamālzādeh Esfahani,1892–1997, author
  • Mohammad ALi Mokrame Esfahani, 1886–1966, Liberalist and anti-religion's Superstitions Poet and journalist in Sedaye Esfahan Newspaper
  • Khakshir Esfahani, 1883–1956, Poet of Joke and satire
  • Houshang Golshiri, 1938–2000, writer and editor
  • Mirza Abbas Khan Sheida, 1880–1949, poet and publisher
  • Hamid Mosadegh, 1939–1998, poet and lawyer
  • Hatef Esfehani, 1198(died), Persian Moral poet in Afsharye Era
  • Saib Tabrizi
  • Nasser David Khalili, 1945–, property developer, art collector, and philanthropist
  • Arthur Pope, 1881–1969, American archaeologist, buried near Khaju Bridge
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